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Patricia Armbruster


Dennis Chadra

Oil, watercolor and pen & ink specializing in still lifes, landscapes, portraits and figures

Kathie Chicoine

Photographic Art, Digital Art and Photography

Dan Danielson


Sue Dix

Pottery and Other Ceramics

Mary Dorrell

Oil, Watercolor, Mixed and Printmaking

Marge Hall

Dramatic Floral Portraits in Oi

Carol Kincaid & Marilyn Dwyer

Watercolor and Pen and Ink Home Portraits

Khrystyna Kozyuk

Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media

Kathi Kuchler

Watercolors, oils, colored pencil and pen and ink

Valerie Lorimer

Fun, Whimsical Mixed Media Artwork

Suzanne Massion

Impressionist landscapes in oil, fine line pen and ink drawings, portraits in graphite

Diana Mitchell

Pastels, graphite drawings, and watercolors

Robert Pennor

Landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, birds and animals in oil and acrylics

Marilyn Peretti

Nature watercolors. Acrylics, Blockprints

Sharon Peters

Oil Painting

Tom Phelan


Don Ryan

Oil and Pastel - Portraits and other fine arts

Julie Skoda

Oil, Watercolor, Pastel and Charcoal

Lyn Tietz

Oil Paintings, Watercolors and Other Media

Lisa Vargo


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