About Our Monthly Open Programs

On the third Monday of every month from September through April, (except December), the DuPage Art League hosts free programs, which are open to the public. Artists and experts connected with the arts do demonstrations, give talks, and share their secrets. These are fun, relaxed, and casual opportunities to mingle with fellow artists and learn something new. The programs run from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and include refreshments. These are most often held at the Annex, 225 W. Front Street (the old bank building) and not at 218 Front St. Always check your newsletter for any changes in location.


*These programs are FREE to both members and non-members, so why not bring a friend to the next one!

January 21, 2019

Pat Armbruster – ART WORKSHOPS – What I have learned from 11 years and 12 Instructors

Are you interested in taking your artwork to the next level? If so, you might have questions about how to find the right workshop, how to pack your supplies, what to expect from instructors and how to take advantage of other opportunities in that same area. I have attended 16 workshops and will be sharing examples and stories from those experiences. Although my focus is portraiture in oils, I will have information on other mediums as well.

February 18, 2019


Come and see Mary demonstrate the steps involved in creating an “alla prima” oil sketch. The term “alla prima” refers to making a painting “at one time”, or in one session. The technique is the foundation for all painting methods that do not rely on underpainting, layering or glazing, but instead tries to create an expressive effect immediately and directly from life. “Alla prima” painting requires a working procedure that allows improvisation and spontaneity. Suggestion, rather than detail, is used as part of its expressive effect. The paint is literally drawn in over the ground cover.  Because it can be done quickly, “alla prima” is ideal for working in oil outdoors (plein aire), for figure studies, and still life.

March 18, 2019

Charlotte Cziperle – OIL COLD WAX PAINTING

Are you curious about cold wax medium and how you can use it to create textured atmospheric oil paintings? Artist Charlotte Cziperle will be discussing the various ways an artist can use the versatile oil painting medium, cold wax. She will be demonstrating how she mixes cold wax with oil paints, oil sticks, pastels, and other media, to create textured abstracts and atmospheric landscapes. Different layering techniques and the use of unconventional tools will also be discussed.

April 15, 2019


Author and artist Robin Liefeld will share what she learned as she turned her hobby into an art business 4 years ago. She will discuss the role of social media and marketing in her success as well as tips on what to do after you sign your painting. Learn how to submit your art, refine your elevator speech, and find your tribe and raving fans.

September 16, 2019


When Wes Douglas came to DPAL during his first demo (in Feb. 2018) on sketching people in an urban setting, he gave us a lot to see, hear, a lot of info. on urban sketching and touched on some very useful techniques. Well, he is coming back to deep-dive into the particular techniques on how to sketch people in an urban setting. For his follow-up session you won’t want to miss how he approaches a scene, what he looks for, how he captures the human form quickly, what kind of tools he brings along and, most importantly, some tactics for what to do if you get caught by the subject. It promises to be an enlightened and entertaining evening watching and seeing Wes in action as his demo will include live urban people models as his subject. Bring a sketchbook if you’d like to try out some of his techniques for yourselves.

October 21, 2019


Kathleen will discuss how to interpret photo reference to create more expressive and personal work while showing her pastel techniques on paper. Using B/W images, she will illustrate methods of designing strong compositions through abstract light and shadow pattern, work around the color wheel to improvise creative use of color strategies and then demonstrate her painterly techniques of layered pastel to convey mood and mystery rather than describing detailed accuracy.

November 19, 2019 – NOTE: THIS IS A TUESDAY NIGHT


Nancy would like to share more info about our new class on Art Journaling. This is not your mama’s scrapbooking! Artists of many levels join together in Nancy’s classes to inspire each other and share their creative journey. From the new artist that may have gotten tired of coloring books but feel they are not “good enough” to make their own art through seasoned and experienced artists, we all have a story to tell and share, promoting each artists creative journey with fun and friendship. Come hear about how a little blank page journal, some paper crafting and engineering, drawing, painting, stitching, mixed media layering, creative writing and more promotes our relationship with our art, and our artist group. See sample journal pages and a little journal page presentation.

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