About Our Monday Programs

Our free programs are open to the public and preceded by coffee and cookies at 7pm. Programs begin at 7:30 following announcements and end by 9 pm.

April 21, 2014

Karen Johnson – "Nature Art"

Karen is a freelance illustrator/fine artist with double degrees in biological illustration and entymology (the study of insects). Her realistic depictions of plants, animals and insects are done on a variety of backgrounds ranging from plain to abstract. She works in many different media including watercolor/gouache, acrylic, pastel, and scratchboard. Karen currently teaches pen and ink, scratchboard, and insect illustration classes at Morton Arboretum.

Karen will demonstrate how she achieves the incredible detail that makes her illustrations come alive. She will discuss her vivid color palette and show you how to develop abstract backgrounds and use the dry brush technique for fine details. You will have the opportunity to see her work and learn how to achieve the brilliant, glowing color seen in her illustrations.